A Community Cemetery for All Faiths

If you have a family member or friend in our Cemetery, please accept our heart-felt condolences for your loss. We hope you find this website an amalgam of beautiful remembrances of your loved one. If you have anything you would like us to add to the website about your loved one, please send it to us and it will be included. Of course, we will return anything we use.

If you are making a genealogical search and happened on our website, we hope the historical names and dates which are part of our history are of help to you. Please visit the site as often as you like. The Elam Cemetery website is always being updated as more information becomes available. We hope everyone finds it respectful, useful and helpful.

Under a Charter approved by the Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on April 29, 1874, Elam United Methodist Church was allowed to permanently set aside and maintain a portion of land as a not-for-profit cemetery to serve its community.

We are located at 1073 Smithbridge Road, Glen Mills, PA, not far from the major intersection of PA Route 202 and Smithbridge Road. The interdenominational Cemetery is situated behind a part of our original one-room church which dates back to 1883. That particular building is covered in native serpentine stone. The original church is now a Chapel used every week for services, small weddings and small funerals. It is worth a look when you visit.

You also are invited to walk through our Cemetery to see headstones with names which reflect the founding families important to Concord Township, Delaware County, PA where we are located and the history of Elam United Methodist Church.

Some of these historical family names are: Pyle, Forwood, Guthrie, Eachus, Talley and Johnson. You’ll probably see some of those names on street signs as you drive through our Township.

Elam Cemetery is a well-kept, verdant cemetery of 2+ acres (with room for future expansion) maintained by a volunteer Cemetery Committee of Elam Church members.

We are open every day during day light hours and pray that your visit will be both peaceful and meaningful.